7 Tips For More Effective SMS Marketing Campaigns

7 Tips For More Effective SMS Marketing Campaigns is the fourth in a series of articles that we'll be posting this fall. Small Business Marketing Tips To Build Sales In A Down Economy will teach you how to use do-it-yourself tools like SMS, email and social media to effectively market your business.

Entry By Linda Doell

With millions of Americans connected to mobile technology, reaching those potential customers with a clear and effective SMS marketing campaign is more important than ever.

Just take a look at the numbers for proof of the potential market. In the three-month period between June to September, 234 million Americans age 13 and older used mobile devices, according to a new comScore MobiLens report. A whopping three-fourths of those used text messaging with the number of users increasing from 69.6% in June to 71.1% in September.

Think of all the opportunity to get the word out about your business with an effective SMS marketing campaign. Here are seven tips to help you put it together.

1. Be clear and Get Permission
As you grow the numbers in your company's database, make sure the consumer has agreed to receive text messages from you (whether via prior opt-in, Keyword opt-in or web opt-in). Each person on the contact list also needs to know how often to expect messages and how to opt out of receiving messages. Make it easy for the customer to join your mobile list by setting up a mobile keyword that links them to your messaging list.

2. Build a Relationship with your Customers
Cultivate your database of customers and keep them interested in your business. One way to do that is by regularly notifying them about promotions, sales and new products. Your business can also keep customers by sending them coupons as a reward for their patronage.

3. Get Local
Help your customers feel connected by personalizing the messages, including tailoring them to a specific area or location.

4. Keep it Simple
When sending messages, use simple plain language with well-known texting shortcuts to avoid ambiguity.

5. Link the SMS Campaign With Your Other Advertising
Allow customers to sign up for the text messaging from the company's Facebook page or Twitter account, which will drive customers to your message list.

6. Make the Message Timely
Be mindful of the time of day your business sends out the messages -- a text message sent during the day while many are working may not get the same response as one sent at a more appropriate time. The timing will depend on what the business' customer base is and what are its preferences.

Also keep in mind how often your business sends out messages. Build excitement among customers by limiting the number of messages each month -- so they will be looking for the messages when they arrive. Place time limits on the offers sent out via SMS to create urgency among customers.

7. Reach Out and Reply
Talk with your customers and provide advice and tips. In return, you gain valuable feedback and increase their loyalty to your company.

An SMS marketing campaign can be easily tailored to fit your company's needs as well as the needs of your customers, and can be an easy tool to stay connected in our mobile society.

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nice post. your 7 tips for SMS marketing is very more effective.it is affordable for every types of business.i like it. Thanks your so much.

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