5 SMS Marketing Promotions To Run This Valentine's Day

Entry By Jason Brick

Valentine's Day is one of America's most commercial celebrations. Like Christmas and Halloween, the market offers consumers a chance to spend money on the holiday weeks ahead of the actual date. You can tie your SMS marketing calendar to get in on this sensual spending spree using these text promotion ideas. 

5 SMS Marketing Promotions To Run This Valentines DayTwo For One

This may seem like a romance holiday no-brainer, but you might be surprised how many businesses miss it. Whether you go "buy 2 at 50 percent off" or "buy one, get one" you can capitalize on the couples market that peaks on Valentine's Day.

Joining Forces

Partner with a kid-friendly local businesses and run a combined event, deal or program -- with you serving the parents while your partner serves the kids. Or vice versa, if your business works with children. Married couples want to celebrate, but not all of them can get a sitter on such a peak romantic holiday.

Poetry Contest

Pursue the power of promotional participation by offering a free gift to the best love poem of the day. If you work this for a week surrounding the 14th, you'll reach even the couples that are busy on the holiday itself. Extra points for different kinds of poetry on different days: rhyming couplets, limericks and haiku all fit within the character limitations of SMS.

Singles Celebration

Unless you're rich or very lucky, you've spent at least one Valentine's Day on your own -- and so has almost everybody else. This untapped February market presents an opportunity you can take advantage of through your SMS. Invite a "flash party" before or after your romantic dinner rush, with discounts for coming alone. Include a prize for the best break-up story delivered in 160 characters or less.

Revenge Day

Like a singles celebration on steroids, this plan take the bitterly single and recently detached and treats them like kings and queens. Combine encouraging messages for the brokenhearted with offers to spoil them rotten when they spend money on themselves. This doesn't work so well for romantic eateries, but can really fly with beauty parlors, hair salons and spas.

These ideas aren't just for the U.S. and other countries that celebrate Valentine's Day -- other countries have similar commercial traditions around the same time. In Japan, Valentine's Day is for boyfriends and husbands to spoil their partners. A month later, "White Day" turns the tables and the women lavish attention on the men.

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