Six Text Message Coupon Ideas For A Mobile Halloween

Entry By Jason Brick

SMS Marketing works best if you can link it with what's going on in the world around you. That's why you should comment on "politically safe" news items in real time to start a conversation. With Halloween, the zeitgeist is all about parties, fun, kids and cheap scares. Throw a few of these text message coupons and events into your rotation to get some extra treats for your business, too.


Doubt Halloween is worth paying attention to? The National Retail Federation the average American consumer will spend $80 this year on Halloween decorations, constumes and candy – adding up to $8 billion Dollars in retail sales!

  1. Costume Contest
    For a new spin on an old idea, hold an image contest where subscribers respond to your broadcast with photos of their costumes. Go one step further with themes, or even an impromptu costume contest where contestants must respond within five minutes of your broadcast.
  2. Party Supply Depot
    If your business offers anything somebody might need for a Halloween party, offer some kind of discount on those items -- especially if paired with a higher-ticket part of your stock. Be creative with these deals. It's okay to stretch the point to get a customer.
  3. Solstice/Samhain/All Hallow's Eve
    Remember that Halloween isn't the only (or even the oldest) holiday at the end of October. Depending on your customer base, you could offer coupons and events throughout the week by hitting all the major festivals of this part of the season.
  4. Horror Movie Poll
    This one's pretty self-explanatory. Have subscribers use text messaging to vote on their favorite horror movies, with those who voted for the winner (or loser) getting a special discount. Split it up into themes ("Best Slasher Flick"/"Most Unintentionally Hilarious") for more participants, more winners and more content.
  5. The Great Pumpkin Hunt
    Take a photo of a porch jack-o-lantern somewhere in your city and broadcast to your subscribers. Offer big prizes or discounts to people who can bring in -- or respond with -- a photo of the same pumpkin. As Halloween night progresses, broadcast hints and clues to help people find it.
  6. Don't Forget the Cleanup!
    Various tricks and pranks combine with general party mayhem to make November 1st a major clean-up day for lots of people. If your business offers cleanup help, supplies, or respite during a work break, offer a coupon to bring the crew in. If not, offer discounts to people bringing in a picture of what a disaster their home has become.

What Halloween broadcasts have worked best for you? Comment below with your cleverest/most successful/most disastrous witching hour ideas.

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