The Best Holiday Season Ever: Week 3

This is part three of our series to get you ready for the holiday rush season. Find Week 2 right here , or start from the beginning here.

This week we start getting the word out and collecting names, as well as a little house cleaning. You'll focus your efforts on three areas:

  • Running an SMS Savings Poll
  • Conducting a Social Media Drive
  • Deep Cleaning Your Back Areas

This week is like the beginning of a chess game. Your moves won't be the ones that directly win the match, but they position you to be more efficient and powerful later down the line.


  • Running an SMS Savings Poll
    Brainstorm four different ways to offer savings to your subscribers throughout quarter four. Examples might include buy one/get one, a free small item with a larger purchase, high percentage discounts on set items, or discounts for buying in bulk. Whatever you decide, use your knowledge of the business to select the four that will mean the most profit for you. 

    Then broadcast an SMS poll asking your subscribers to select the deal they like best. Honor that poll so your most engaged customers feel a sense of ownership and belonging. This will immensely increase how many people show up for your sale events. 
  • Conducting a Social Media Drive
    SMS, Facebook, Pinterest and Twitter are all reasonably effective marketing tools -- but none are as effective as all four together. Starting on Monday, offer something special -- such as membership in your elite team from last week -- to anybody who signs up to follow your social media feeds. Announce the deal in every platform you use, and give an extra bonus to anybody who gets a friend signed up. Moving forward, you'll broadcast your announcements on every platform you have. 
  • Deep Cleaning Your Back Areas
    If your facility is messy at the beginning of the holiday season, it will be a disaster by the end. Spend time this week going over all your non-public areas with a fine-tooth comb. Throw out things you don't need. Organize areas for better storage. Dust. This new cleanliness is proven to help your team feel more energetic and focused...and you might find some forgotten products to add to your clearance pile. 

Readers, how are we doing so far? What's your experience with the program? Comment below to help us help you better!

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