7 Top Business Blogs to Inspire and Inform You

Entry By Jason Brick

When you're part of a big company's machine, you have a boss who brings news, information and new ideas your way on a regular basis. When you run your own small business, it's up to you to keep your tools sharp by finding that information yourself. Since we live in an age of outsourcing, it's completely kosher to outsource your research to professional business bloggers. Try out a few of the below to add to your daily reading. We've included some well known names along with some gems you might have missed! 


  1. Stever Robbins
    Also known as the Get It Done Guy of podcast fame, Stever is all about personal productivity, communication and organization. If your business -- or your work flow -- needs some help at the process level, Stever offers some of the best advice on the web. 
  2. Seth Godin
    Rule one of Internet success: be Seth Godin. Rule two of Internet success: read Seth's blog. Rule three: don't imitate Seth's methods. He's one of those celebrities who gets away with breaking the rules because his following has reached critical mass. Do as the man says, not as he does. 
  3. Tom Peters
    Tom's a consultant who gives away much of his knowledge for free in his blog posts. Subscribe for great applications of classic concepts, along with actionable advice for common problems.
  4. The Blog Tyrant
    Whether you're creating blogs for passive income or using a blog to funnel leads into your sales system, you have to know the best tricks for bringing traffic to your site. Blog Tyrant stays on top of this ever-changing world and gives you the short version.
  5. Brain Food
    SEO guru John Ellis doesn't post more than a few times a month, but what he does post is bleeding edge Internet marketing technique. When other businesses panicked because of Google's search algorithm changes, Ellis already knew what to do about it. 
  6. All Things Workplace
    If you're a technician running your own shop, you never got the management and leadership training that's at least half of the secret to small business success. Steve Roesler's blog can give you that training you missed out on while you were becoming the best at what you do. 
  7. The Ez Texting Blog
    Okay, we're bragging just a little. But the blog you're reading right now updates regularly with technology news, small business tips, and ideas for stretching your marketing dollar. It's not our fault we're charming and beautiful, too. 

Readers, any blogs we missed? Tell us about your favorite reading in the comments.

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Wow..Thanks for these top blog resource. For a blogging enthusiasts like me. This is something that we follow.

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