The Best Holiday Season Ever: Week 6

Entry By Jason Brick
Click here to catch up with weeks one through five. We're about three-quarters done, but that doesn't mean you can't get good value from following the rest of the series.

The Finish Line

It's time to get serious
this week as we round the last corner and see the finish line ahead. If you've been keeping up, you now have a solid list of new subscribers and a customer base that's already used to participating and being involved with your brand. It's time to start capitalizing on that involvement to make everybody excited about what comes next. We'll do that with three pieces:

  1. Collector Series Week One
  2. Social Media Poll
  3. Deep Clean Front Area 

Collector Series

This week, put out four posts with small-scale deals, using different media for each one. A restaurant might drop a 10% o ff lunch coupon via SMS, a free drink on Facebook, a happy hour special on Twitter and a deal on Pinterest. There's one catch. In addition to the individual deals, offer a larger deal for people who come in with multiple coupons. Maybe an extra appetizer, or a free T-shirt. This rewards people for engaging with all your marketing feeds, and encourages people to subscribe to multiple lists. 

Social Media Poll

Use Facebook for this one, but announce it via an SMS broadcast. The idea is simple. Find out what kind of Black Friday deals your customers would like to see most. Run two to three instances of the poll, narrowing down options each time. A sporting goods store might run the poll like this:

  • Poll 1: What category of gear would you most like to see on ubersale this season? High school sports, Water gear, Winter clothes or High-ticket items?
  • Poll 2: Folks want to see high-ticket items on sale this se ason. What price point are you thinking you'll have for your most expensive holiday purchase? $50 to $100, $100 to $200, $200 to $500, over $500?
  • Poll 3: Most people chose the $200 to $500 category. What would excite you most? Some $600 to $800 items brought down to $500, or $500 items brought to the $300 level?

By the end of the week, your most engaged and enthusiastic customers will have told you exactly how to win their business on Black Friday.

Deep Clean Front Area

Close early one night in the middle of the week and clean the ever-loving bejeezus out of every area your customers might see. Scrub walls. Paint scuffs. Throw out those little piles of accumulated detritus. While you're at it, pull merchandise that's been sitting around unmoved for a few weeks. Set them aside for prizes and giveaways for next week.

Can we ask a favor? We can tell by the huge number of social shares that you're getting value out of this seri es. Could a few of you leave a comment to tell us what we're doing well and what you'd like to see different? It will help us close this series with the biggest possible bang. Thanks.

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