3 Great New Year's Themed SMS Text Message Coupon Ideas

Entry By Jason Brick

As 2013 approaches, everybody everywhere will be thinking and talking about the New Year. New Year’s parties. New Year's resolutions. New Year’s cocktails. New Year’s cartoons and specials. All the New Year’s hype doesn't mean your marketing should avoid the topic in your SMS offers for the weeks on both sides of the day...but it does mean you need to go the extra mile to make yours stand out in the sea of holiday greetings.

Celebration in the ‘Big Apple’: SMP hosts trip to Times Square for New Year’s

Try one or more of these SMS couponing ideas to help ring in the season with the best revenue possible.

  1. First Customer/Last Customer Deals
    Whatever your last day of business for 2012 is, announce that morning that the last sale you ring up will be at a 25% or greater discount. Tease out reminders over the course of the day to keep interest going. Do the same for your first day of business for 2013, with a similar discount for the first customer of the new year. Announce this the day before for a strong opening morning. This contest can be especially fun if your business stays open past midnight, with the two winners buying back-to-back.
  2. New Year Trivia Contest
    For the five days on either side of the new year, run a daily trivia contest about 2012 statistics related to your business. An ethnic restaurant could ask about news events from its country of origin, while a sporting goods store might run questions about the Olympic games. Every winner gets a coupon.
  3. The Obligatory Photo Contest
    New  Years is a time to get crazy, even if your particular celebration style doesn't include excessive alcohol. Find a theme related to your business and have participants send in photos taken between 12:01 on the 31st and Midnight. Your particular contest will depend a lot on the kind of business you run. A day care might go for cutest party outfit, while a bar could run one for skimpiest costume party getup.

Keep on giving with a resolution tracking contest. Get participants to commit to their goal...losing a pound a week, swearing off cigarettes, getting a 3.5 GPA or better at school…pretty much anything. As each person falls off the resolution wagon, update participants of how many people are left. The winner gets a significant prize in the form of a free gift or mega-coupon.

As the day approaches, what are your resolutions for the New Year? How can the team here at Ez Texting help you reach them?

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