5 Christmas-Themed Text Message Coupons

Entry By Jason Brick

With everything else going on during the holiday retail rush, it can be hard to find time to come up with SMS Marketing content for December. Fear not, dear readers, the Ez Texting Blog is here to help. Whether you use one idea, all the ideas, or springboard off of them for your own content, Merry Christmas. 


  1. Stocking Stuffer Super Sale
    For suggestive selling at its finest, offer a variety of coupons for low-ticket items that offer a discount with the purchase of larger merchandise. This could take the form of a 5% off per $10 value of other items, a buy-one-get-one deal, or packaging accessories for your big sellers. Add a time-limit to create a rush for a single slow afternoon.
  2. The Twelve Days of _________
    This one is practically cheating, giving you twelve coupons from one basic idea. Start a countdown to a specific date -- Christmas, the solstice, the new year, your last day open before closing for your own holiday, whatever. Each day, place a discount on a single item that's either high-margin or moving too slowly. When you announce an item, include a teaser for the next day's sale. 
  3. Photo Contest Extravaganza
    Folks love their holiday photos, so celebrate that with a series of photo contests, giving the top ten participants a special discount or freebie. If you have a screen in your shop, consider putting up a slideshow of winning images to play throughout the month. Some ideas for photo contests include:
    • Best tree
    • Most exhausted face after shopping
    • Ugliest gift wrap
    • Nicest holiday feast
    • Cutest stockings
  4. Christmas Poem Contest
    Encourage your people to get creative by announcing a series of poem contests on your social media platform. Once or twice a week, send out a single word: the type of poem this contest is about (for example, " Haiku" or "Dirty Limerick"). Print or write out the best results, along with whatever prize you've decided the winners have earned. 
  5. Worst Day/Best Day Giveaway
    The holiday season gives us all some of the warmest and fuzziest memories of the year, and some of our most stressful experiences. Set aside a handful of low-cost, slow-moving items as giveaway prizes and award them to folks who give you the best and worst stories of the holiday season.

Readers, what was your most successful holiday SMS plan ever? What new ideas do you have for this year? Share with us in the comments and have a great holiday season. 

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