A Year Of Mobile Marketing: 2012

Entry By Jason Brick

As the year comes to a close, it's a good idea to rethink your marketing efforts and analyze trends to determine what will make for the best possible 2013. While you're doing this, take a look at these statistics from this past year in new media. If 2012 wasn't the year mobile took over, there's a good chance 2013 will be.

Chichen Itza's Kukulcan Temple

Starting Strong
Christmas season saw more mobile devices sold than laptop or desktop computers. Just when your company was getting used to effective website marketing, you now need to retool to become mobile-friendly if you want to serve the majority of potential customers. 

As the year began, more people worldwide owned a mobile device -- mostly cell phones -- than owned land line phones, automobile sand toothbrushes. In the US, 47% of the total mobile audience used apps and mobile browsers, meaning half of the users had smart phones or tablets.

The Power of Mobile
According to a University of Southern California report, as of November 2012...

  • 1.08 billion smart phones were in active use worldwide.
  • 3.05 mobile phones can receive SMS broadcast advertising.
  • 73 billion views on YouTube.com came from mobile devices this year. That's 200 million every day.
  • Twitter reported that half of its access in 2012 came from mobile devices. Facebook found approximately 1/3 of its 700 million users did the same.

Knowing Your Audience
Besides the growing power of mobile, other statistics from this year give valuable insight into what mobile uses look like.

  • 20% of customers now practice "showrooming," the technique of entering a store to examine a product, then finding the best price on line via mobile, according to Forrester Research.
  • The most active group in mobile media are women between 35 and 54 years old.
  • 29 percent of mobile users report being willing to scan a tag to get access to a mobile-based coupon or deal, reports Microsoft Tag. If you have an online store, your mobile-coupon could reach 290 million open customers.
  • Nielsen reports the three best industries for mobile coupons are grocery stores, department stores and clothing stores.
  • A 2012 mobile survey found men more likely to use mobile coupons than women.

One final statistic that shows the growing power of mobile usage this year. According to Yahoo! analysis, 86 percent of mobile users do so while watching television. And you know when they're doing that -- during the ad breaks.

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