Supporting SMS Marketing With LinkedIn

Entry By Jason Brick

Linkedin-smsLinkedIn is in many ways the RC Cola of social media. It lacks the deep market penetration of the Coke and Pepsi of the social media landscape, Facebook and Twitter, but it hangs in there and everybody knows what it is. Like other social media options, LinkedIn is a low-cost way to get great returns for your marketing dollar. Also like other social media, it's really easy to use LinkedIn incorrectly. One way to do it right is to combine your LinkedIn presence with your SMS marketing campaign. Here are 5 easy steps to make that easier.

  1. Harvest Your Most Professional Posts on Other Sites It's okay -- even expected -- that you'll recycle content between LinkedIn, Google+, Facebook and Twitter. The only caveat is that LinkedIn remains the most professionally oriented of the social media big boys. The funny meme that everybody loved on Facebook last week? It's not appropriate here. Find a dozen or so highly professional posts and re-use them on LinkedIn.
  2. Create a Group Make a discussion group centered around your LinkedIn account. If you don't know how, the tutorial page makes it easy. Announce the next meeting using your SMS broadcasts -- then send out the question for discussion on SMS about an hour before the meeting starts. This brings more people to the table, and will stimulate a better discussion once things are underway.
  3. Cross-Pollinate Aggressively At least every other week, invite SMS subscribers to find you on LinkedIn, and LinkedIn contacts to subscribe to your text broadcasts. This works best if you add an incentive each time, such as a discount or giveaway for anybody who signs up or brings a friend. 
  4. Combine Efforts Your LinkedIn contacts will be mostly customers, but will include other business owners and similar colleagues. A few of these will be willing to cross-promote with you. You can work together for a combined set of SMS announcements, or simply "guest post" for each other in your text broadcasts and LinkedIn accounts. Either way, you'll both get access to a new pool of potential subscribers. 
  5. Join Other Groups LinkedIn groups are a great resource for learning new tricks and ideas. By joining a handful of small business groups, or groups related to your industry, you'll be exposed to a few. You can translate any number of these directly to a great SMS broadcast -- which you'll turn right around and share with the group. 

Any other success stories about combining your LinkedIn or other social media account with your SMS efforts? Tell us about it in the comments.

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