52 Weeks Of SMS Marketing Ideas

As the New Year begins, remember the importance of a full-year content calendar. Here are 52 weeks of SMS Marketing campaign ideas to get you started:

  1. New Year resolution contest.
  2. Come in from the cold.
  3. Aren't you glad the holidays are over?
  4. Happy Martin Luther King Day!
  5. Crazy weather photo contest.
  6. Bring a friend discount. 
  7. Valentine's Day celebration.
  8. Know your presidents quiz (in honor of Presidents' Day)
  9. SMS Haiku contest.
  10. Ugly dog photo contest.
  11. Spring forward to Daylight Savings Time.
  12. Spring Equinox = buy one/get one free.
  13. Holy week.
  14. Spring Break (exact date may be different in your area)
  15. First flowers photo contest.
  16. Bring a friend discount.
  17. Earth Day information quiz.
  18. May Day practical joke photo contest.
  19. Early Mother's Day event.
  20. Armed Forced Day appreciation discount.
  21. Memorial Day weekend.
  22. Memorial Day picnic hangover recovery week.
  23. Summer's coming student appreciation discount.
  24. Early Father's Day event.
  25. Summer Solstice = big bulk discounts.
  26. Biggest summer vacation plans contest.
  27. Independence Day celebration.
  28. Discount if the temperature beats a record.
  29. Worst summer outfit photo contest.
  30. Enjoy our air conditioning sale.
  31. Summer picnic supplies discount.
  32. Outdoor extravaganza sidewalk sale.
  33. Bring a buddy discount.
  34. Summer stuff clearance event.
  35. “What I did this summer” text essay contest.
  36. Labor Day celebration.
  37. “Good moms, good moms, whatcha gonna do? Whatcha gonna do when they go to school?”
  38. First leaf of fall photo contest.
  39. Autumn Equinox = but one/get one free.
  40. First local high school football game (might vary by region).
  41. "I left my jacket at school/work" contest.
  42. SMS holiday countdown.
  43. Holiday savings poll.
  44. Halloween hints series.
  45. Halloween contest.
  46. Collector series week one.
  47. Collector series week two.
  48. Black Friday Sale.
  49. Last minute holiday shopping.
  50. Winter Solstice = lowest prices of the year.
  51. Christmas greetings.
  52. Happy New Year!

Not all of these ideas will work for every area and every business. Use what works for you and insert your own ideas when you have better ones. The important part is to systematize your SMS presence with a content calendar. The better you plan your marketing, the more it will pay out over the year.

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