6 Text Messaging Tips For Accountants To Survive & Thrive This Tax Season

Ed. Note - We wrote this as a guest post that originally appeared on Intuit's Accountants Blog last March. We're republishing it here because it's just as relevant to this tax season!


Now that it's March, the busy tax season is in full swing. For accountants, this means a mixed blessing of brutally busy weeks combined with significant extra income. As with most industries, accounting has changed in the past decade as the Internet has become a progressively larger part of American culture.


This tax season, you can take an even deeper tech plunge and use text messaging to retool how you do business. The results can mean quicker work flow – leading to even more customers, or a slightly less stressful season for your office.

  1. Tax Advice Broadcast Start in the next few days with a periodic broadcast to your existing clients, offering a simple line of tax advice along with a countdown of how many days remain before the tax deadline. This won't bring in new clients, but might recapture a lapsed customer and make sure your regulars don't wander off.
  2. Early Bird Specials Offer a discount coupon via SMS broadcast to customers who come in and file early. This can extend your most profitable season while simultaneously making April a little less hectic.
  3. Receipts and Proof If your clients made any donations or deductible purchases via text-to-give or mobile platforms, their phone bills may contain a record of those transactions. Have them forward them in to your office along with their other documents.
  4. Ask a Simple Question One of the most frustrating parts of an accountant's March and April is the 10-minute client call to answer a one-minute question. It's nobody's fault, but it eats up a disproportionate amount of a tax professional's day. You can instead send a text message with simple, brief questions. It takes less than a minute, your client can respond when he's near his records, and you have a handy written record of the entire conversation.
  5. Status Updates It's reasonably simple to send a quick text to your clients as their returns pass through the various hurdles of tax season. Better, it's easy to set up a sequence of form texts. As each client reaches a new stage of the process, you can pull the trigger on the appropriate SMS in seconds. This personal-feeling service will help make sure that client comes back for next year's season.
  6. Early Warning System Even as early as December, you can start sending out text broadcasts with hints for identify, storing and organizing tax documents as they come in. This keeps you in a client's front-of-mind awareness with each message, and makes everybody's lives easier if they follow the advice.

New To SMS Marketing? Check out our Free SMS Marketing Resource Center to learn everything there is to know about text messaging for your business.

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