5 Quick Ways To Improve Your SMS Marketing Campaign

Turning out 160 characters over and over again seems easy, but after a while you find yourself running out of ideas (Looking for ideas? We’ve got lots of SMS Marketing Ideas). Worse, you might find that your SMS Marketing efforts aren't reaping the benefits you want because of some specific problems in how you write them. If your campaign results lack a little luster, check your records for these five all-too-common wording problems.

It's all uphill from now

  1. Weak Call to Action
    The power of SMS marketing comes from its interactivity. You text somebody an opportunity, and that somebody takes advantage of it. If your call to action boils down to "well, you might want to think about it...you know...someday...maybe," spice it up with a directly stated deal with a limited time and specific action.
  2. Using TxtTlk ("Text Talk")
    Yes, people read SMS advertising on their phones. No, it's not a reason for your marketing material to read like you hired a 14-year-old to write it for you. Keep messages professional and easily readable. If you must cut down on characters, drop words like "the" or "and" instead of truncating content. That said, there are times when ‘text talk’ is appropriate. Only you know who is on your list, so the answer to what it is appropriate to use ‘text talk’ is a subjective one.
  3. Generic Content
    Your subscribers want intimate details, actionable advice and insider information. Never broadcast something people could look up on your website. Keep it focused on your specific company and the specific interests of your subscriber list.
  4. It's All Adspeak
    In print and on the Internet, phrases like "Act Now!" and "Satisfaction Guaranteed!" are invisible to the consumer. They're so common we don't even notice them anymore. On a text message that just interrupted your Temple Run ;game, they're downright offensive. Stay personal, realistic and genuine at all times.
  5. Generic Time Frame
    If the SMS broadcast you're about to send today can easily wait for tomorrow or next month, don't send the broadcast. Instead, do something to link it solidly with something going on in the area, with your business, or on the calendar. This keeps the content as relevant as possible, and syncs with what's already on the minds of your subscribers.

While these quick fixes can make a big difference in any campaign, it never hurts to review our complete guide to SMS Marketing best practices.

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